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Recounts FAQs

Who Can Request a Recount?

Any voter may file a request for a recount.


When Can a Recount Request Be Submitted?

The request must be filed within five calendar days after the election is officially certified.


Where Do I File the Request for the Recount?

The recount request must be filed with the office of the elections official responsible for conducting the election.


What is the Cost for a Recount?

The voter requesting the recount must deposit, before the recount commences and at the beginning of each day following, such sums as required by the elections official to cover the cost of the recount for that day. The voter will be charged for the cost to produce relevant material for the recount and per day for a four-member counting board. If upon completion of the recount of all precincts, the results are reversed, the deposit shall be returned.


What Must Be Included in the Request?

The request must be made in writing. It should:

• Specify the contest to be recounted;

• State on behalf of which candidate, slate of electors, or position on a measure it is filed;

• Specify the order in which precincts shall be counted (optional).

• Specify the method of counting to be used (electronic, manual or both)(optional); and

• Specify any other relevant material to be examined.


How Does the Elections Official Notify the Public That a Recount is Occurring?

A notice stating the date and place of the recount will be posted by the elections official at least one day prior to the recount and the following persons shall be notified in person or by any federally regulated overnight mail service: • All candidates for the office being recounted; • Proponents of any initiative or referendum or persons filing ballot arguments for or against any initiative, referendum or measure to be recounted; and • Secretary of State if the recount is for candidates for any state or federal office, delegates to a national convention, or any state measure.


What is the Recount Process?

• A recount is open to the public;

• A recount must start no later than seven days following the receipt of the request and shall be continued daily, except for weekends and holidays, and for not less than six hours each day until completed; and

• A manual recount must be conducted under the supervision of the elections official by recount boards, consisting of four voters of the county, appointed by the elections official.


How are the Recount Results Handled?

The results of a recount are declared null and void unless every vote in every precinct in which the contest appeared is recounted. Upon completion of a recount, if a different candidate, slate of electors, or position on a measure receives a plurality of votes, the results of the official canvass will be changed. A copy of the results of any recount conducted shall be posted conspicuously in the office of the elections official.