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Mission Statement

"To provide election services for the citizens of Orange County to ensure equal access to the election process, protect the integrity of votes, and maintain a transparent, accurate and fair process."

- Orange County Registrar of Voters

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Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday,
except holidays
(We are open during the lunch hour)

Telephone Directory

Telephone Numbers

Main telephone number:

Toll Free:
888-OCVOTES (888-628-6837)

Fax number:

Vote-by-mail ballot application return fax:

Military/Overseas fax:

Physical Address

1300 South Grand Avenue,
Building C
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(At the corner of Grand Avenue & McFadden)

[email protected]

Mailing Address

Registrar of Voters
P.O. Box 11298
Santa Ana, CA 92711-1298

Public Records Act Request

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If you are requesting voter information, a Public Records Act Request is not required.
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Our People


We believe leadership is the largest single factor for success in performance excellence, a cornerstone of our operations. 


Our employees are dedicated to producing quality elections and understand the importance of customer service.


The Registrar of Voters’ staff includes 61 permanent employees and numerous seasonal hires.  When a permanent position is available, the Registrar of Voters advertises and accepts applications for it through the County of Orange employment website


Blueprints for Democracy

The seed of this story lies in the incredible details required to place a candidate on a ballot, produce that ballot and count votes. This follow up to the award-winning documentary, What it Takes to Count: Inside an Orange County Election, dives even further into the myriad of details involved in producing elections. 

What it Takes to Count

This emotionally charged documentary, set in Orange County, California, explores the hectic world of elections and how they are planned and carried out. The result is a startling look at how extreme scrutiny has changed the face of elections in the United States and how complex they have become.


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