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​​​​​​Questions We Hear the Most


I hear so many rumors, how can I tell fact from fiction when it comes to voting?

You can view our official trusted "Myth versus Truth" page to answer your questions.

How can I request a vote-by-mail ballot?

As Orange County operates elections under the Vote Center model, every registered voter in Orange County automatically receives a vote-by-mail ballot.

I lost or damaged my vote-by-mail ballot, how can I get a replacement?

You can use our online tool to request a replacement vote-by-mail ballot.

Why are there barcodes on my ballot and what are they used for?

View our sample infographic to learn about each barcode by clicking here.

Can I opt out of receiving my Voter Information Guide in the mail and/or view it online?

You can use our online tool to opt out of receiving a Voter Information Guide in the mail.

I would like to vote in person at a Vote Center or drop off my voted ballot at a ballot drop box. Where can I find the Vote Center or ballot drop box closest to me?

You can use our online tool to look up the closest Vote Center or ballot drop box.

I notice the location of my polling place changed or is no longer a polling place – what happened?

Polling places are no longer operated in Orange County but previous polling place locations may be serving as Vote Centers. Voters in Orange County may vote at any Vote Center instead of only one assigned polling place. You can use our online tool to look up the closest Vote Center.

How can I register to vote, verify an existing registration, cancel my registration, or update my registration?

You can verify your registration using our new voter lookup feature. You can also register to vote, update your registration or learn more about voter registration from the easy-to-use voter registration section of our website.

How can I verify that my ballot was counted?

You can verify if your ballot was counted by using our voter lookup tool.

How can I see who my elected officials are?

You can use our district lookup tool to view your elected officials. You can also find your elected officials by using our new voter lookup feature (verify your voter registration).

I have been receiving political mail and phone calls at my home. Where are they obtaining my information?

This information can be obtained from a variety of sources, including the voter registration list. Current State law allows voter registration data to be obtained for election, governmental, scholarly or political research purposes.

When is the next election?

More information about the next scheduled election can be found on the Current Election Information webpage.

How do I report suspicious activity or electioneering?

How to report suspicious activity or view information about electioneering.

What if I don't see the questions here that I need answered?

You can visit additional FAQs by completing a search at the top of this page or contact us directly for additional help.