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Total Ballots Left to Process

Total Ballots Left to Process

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Ballot estimates will expand as eligible ballots (mailed on or before Election Day) are received via USPS and ballots deposited in official drop boxes (prior to 8PM on Election Night) are received and processed.


Note: These estimates were prepared based on averages and will be adjusted following additional detailed sorting.



Vote-by-mail ballots received on or before Election Day via mail left to process




Ballots From Drop Boxes Left to Process




*Vote-by-Mail Returned at Vote Centers Left to Process




Duplicated Ballot Left to Process




*Eligible Ballots received after Election Day Left to Process




Conditional Voter Registrations and Provisional Ballots Left to Process




*Final Drop Box Pickup Ballots Left to Process




RAVBM Ballots Left to Process