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Changes to Your Voting Record

To request a change to your voting record, simply complete the following form, then print and return it to our office using the instructions provided on the printed form. Current State law requires your original signature appear on requests for certain changes to your voter registration.


Full name:
Date of birth:
Residential address:
Zip Code:
Phone (only used by our office to contact you):
Please choose one or more of the following corrections:
Add/correct phone number:

Remove phone number:
Add/correct email address:

Remove email address:
Add mailing address
(if you are changing your residence address, please click here to re-register)


Remove mailing address:
Remove permanent
vote-by-mail status:
Change language preference:

Request voter notification card (VNC):
Correct name spelling:

Add or correct apartment number:

Add permanent vote-by-mail status:
I previously chose not to receive sample ballots in the mail, and I would like to receive them in the mail, now: