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Risk Limiting Audit & 1% Manual Tally 2020 Presidential General Election

The risk-limiting audit is a procedure that provides strong statistical evidence that the election outcome is correct, or has a high probability of correcting an outcome that wouldn't match a full hand count of the ballots. The audit itself requires human beings to examine and verify more ballots in close contests and fewer ballots in contests with wider margins.

Press Release - Orange County, CA Elections to Conduct Risk Limiting Audit of 2020 Presidential General Election Results

The 1% Manual Tally is required to be performed after every election. Precincts are randomly selected, manual tallied, and the results are compared to the reported results. 

Public Notice of the Random Draw and Commencement of the 1% Manual Tally


Risk Limiting Audit and 1% Manual Tally Progress
We will be posting the results and progress of the risk limiting audit process and the 1% Manual Tally.
View risk limiting audit and 1% manual tally progress

View Live Streaming Video of the Risk Limiting Audit & 1% Manual Tally
We will be broadcasting the risk limiting audit and 1% manual tally.
View Live Streaming Video
View a recording of the dice roll

Risk Limiting Audit and 1% Manual Tally Files for Download
We will be making files used to conduct the risk limiting audit and the 1% manual tally available for download.
View files available for download

View the Random Seed
The random seed is generated by rolling dice, and is used to determine the random sequence of ballots that will be audited. 
View the Random Seed

Risk Limiting Audit Results
The final results of the audit are posted here. 
View the final results