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Risk Limiting Audit and 1% Manual Tally Files for Download 2020 Presidential General Election

Risk Limiting Audit

Publicly available information is an important facet of a risk limiting audit. Files used to conduct the risk-limiting audit, and their hash values, will be posted here. 

Download the combined and complete manifest

SHA-256 hash, hex: 1304427efd60c6e1bf8864e8d278764a11e1625ecd6967809f74a488e5148764

Manifests for Non-Countywide Contests

1% Manual Tally

The 1% list of precincts chosen at random is available for download. The list contains the 1% of precincts chosen at random, and additional precincts chosen to include contests not included in the initial random draw of 1% of the precincts. 

Download the list of precincts chosen for the 1% manual tally