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Types of Mapping Data Available

Map District Boundary Layers Available

  • City boundaries
  • Precinct boundaries
  • Congressional boundaries
  • Senate boundaries
  • Assembly boundaries
  • Supervisorial boundaries

Map Street Layers Available
These layers identify freeways by Interstate numbers and streets by name. 

  • Freeway layer
  • Major and minor streets

Map Sizes Available (Electronic or Printed)

  • 36" x 36"
  • 24" x 24"
  • 18" x 18"

Additional Mapping Options and Details
Polling places for a specific election can be shown.  Polling place labels contain the facility name and street address. Multiple layers can make a map more difficult to read depending upon the size chosen. Each layer included has label attributes, which can assist when reading precinct maps. Larger maps are suggested if you would like to display multiple layers.

A legend is included with each map and will help to define the layers that are included on the map. If requested, city names can be shown as well as precinct numbers, district numbers, freeway and street names.  

We do not offer maps with clipped layers. For example, when ordering a political district boundary map we "fit" the requested district (the main theme) to the paper. All other layers would show outside the main theme. This makes a map easier to read and provides a relational aspect of the area (i.e. surrounding districts, cities, etc.). Our custom ordering tool will guide you through the purchasing process and provides pricing for our mapping services.