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2022 General Election

Information regarding recounts from this election will be available here.

View the recount information ►


Dates, Deadlines and More
Every election is governed by critical deadlines that must be met. From candidate filing, the start of vote-by-mail voting or the last day to register to vote – we’ve assembled all of these important dates in one location that you can view, or print.

View the 2022 General Election condensed calendar ►


Communications Tool Kit
The Orange County Registrar of Voters has made a communications toolkit which can be used for sharing voting information.

Download the tool kit ►


What's on the Ballot
View all the contests that will be on the ballot, or are eligible to be on the ballot for the upcoming election.

View only contests that will be on the ballot ►

View all contests that were eligible for the ballot ►


How and Where to Vote
Learn about your voting options, including how to return your ballot by mail and how to vote in-person.

Find Your Vote Center and Drop Box ►

Learn more about your voting options ►


Orange County Write In Candidates

View Orange County Write In Candidates ►


Ten-Year Party History for Voter-Nominated Candidates
Candidates that are running for voter-nominated office have their ten year party registration history published here.

View the ten-year party history ►


Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act
Learn about Partisan, Voter-Nominated and Nonpartisan contests.

Learn more about the Two Candidates Open Primary Act ►


Obtain Information About Measures Appearing on the Election Ballot
View important information regarding measures on the ballot. Additionally, by clicking on this link, you will view all documents which will be printed in the Sample Ballot Pamphlet.

Learn more about measures on the ballot ►

View the votes required for passage ►


Important Legal Documents for the Upcoming Election
Find legal documents such as the legal notices, random draws and ballot rotations.

View legal documents for the upcoming election ►

Election Observation
Learn about election observation schedules, guidelines, and live streams.

View information regarding election observation ►


Application to Provide Vote-By-Mail Ballot to Representative
If a voter needs a replacement vote-by-mail ballot, the voter may apply in writing for a vote-by-mail ballot to be provided to the voter’s representative.

Click here to download the Application to Provide Vote-By-Mail Ballot to Representative ►


Contests not Eligible for an Extended Filing Period
Some contests are not eligible for an extended filing period for the upcoming election.

View the contests not eligible for an extended filing period ►


Extension of Candidate Filing Period
View offices where no incumbent has filed and will have an extended filing period.

View offices in extension ►


Campaign Disclosure Filing Schedule

View Campaign Disclosure Filing Schedule ►


Candidate's Handbook
If you are running for office, it is important to read the candidate's handbook.

Read the Candidate's Handbook ►