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2024 City of Anaheim District 3 Special Recall Election
Select ballots issued or returned:
Current Total Ballots Issued
Permanent vote-by-mail ballots 22,210
Vote-by-Mail ballots 26,671
Military and overseas ballots 66
Total vote-by-mail ballots 26,737
Vote-by-mail ballots issued by party
DEM 13,161
REP 5,633
AI 810
GRN 135
LIB 285
P-F 236
N-P 6,476
Daily raw count of vote-by-mail ballots mailed 26,046
Current Total Ballots Returned
Breakdown of countywide turnout
Vote-by-Mail ballots 5,873
Military and overseas ballots 1
Total vote-by-mail ballots returned includes all vote-by-mail ballots returned 5,874
All ballots returned by party includes vote-by-mail and in-person ballots that are approved for counting
(*indicates crossover ballots from "No Party Preference" voters)
DEM 3,153
REP 1,470
AI 155
GRN 34
LIB 43
P-F 31
N-P 1,102
Daily breakdown of vote-by-mail ballots returned See Link
Raw Count of In-Person Ballots Cast See Link
  • Customized view byincludes vote-by-mail and in-person ballots approved for counting