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Logic and Accuracy Testing for the 2nd Supervisorial Vacancy Election

Press Release Announcing Logic and Accuracy Test

Notice of the logic and accuracy test is provided to the public. This also describes what the logic and accuracy test is.

View the Press Release ►

Press Release Confirming Results of Logic and Accuracy Testing

The press release provides notice of the results of the logic and accuracy test.

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Final Tally Report of the Logic and Accuracy Test 

The final tally report demonstrates that the test ballots were marked and counted correctly. 

View the Final Tally Report ►

Expected Results From the Test

Below are the expected results from the Logic and Accuracy test. The ballots were marked and read into the system, and the expected outcome is shown below. The final tally confirmed the same results, demonstrating that the voting equipment is recording votes correctly:

Candidate Expected Votes
John M.W. Moorlach 11
Katrina Foley 22
Janet Rappaport 33
Michael Vo 44
Kevin Muldoon 55
Write-In Candidate 66