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What's on the Ballot


U.S. Senator

Representative in Congress

  • 38th District 
  • 39th District
  • 45th District
  • 46th District
  • 47th District
  • 48th District
  • 49th District

State Constitutional Officers

Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Insurance Commissioner
Member, State Board of Equalization, 4th  District

State Senator

  • 32nd District, Full Term
  • 34th District
  • 36th District   

Special Primary Election

  • 32nd District, Short Term

Special Recall Election

  • 29th District

Member of the Assembly

  • 55th District
  • 65th District
  • 68th District
  • 69th District  
  • 72nd District 
  • 73rd District 
  • 74th District



School - State

Superintendent of Public Instruction

School - County

County Superintendent of Schools
Member, County Board of Education, Trustee Area 2
Member, County Board of Education, Trustee Area 5

Judge of the Superior Court

  • Office No. 13

County Supervisors

Supervisor, 2nd District
Supervisor, 4th District
Supervisor, 5th District

County Offices

County Clerk-Recorder
District Attorney-Public Administrator
Treasurer-Tax Collector


A - City of Cypress -  An Initiative to Approve the "Cypress Town Center and Commons Specific Plan 2.0" to allow for a Town Center, Single-Family, Senior and Multi-Family Housing, and Public Park Space, with Related General Plan and Specific Plan Amendments and Zone Changes

B - City of Irvine - City of Irvine, City Council Ordinance No. 17-08

C - City of Irvine, Charter Amendment - "A Measure Requiring 2/3 Vote of the City Council to Propose Taxes"

D - City of Irvine, Charter Amendment - "A Measure Prohibiting Voter Approval Requirements of Fiscally Beneficial Projects"

E – City of Westminster, “A Measure to Change the Term of Office for the Office of Mayor from a Two-Year Term to a Four-Year Term”

State Propositions

View State Propositions on the California Secretary of State's website