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National Association of Election Officials

The National Association of Election Officials (The Election Center's) purpose is to promote, preserve, and improve democracy.  Its members are almost exclusively government employees whose profession it is to serve in voter registration and elections administration.  

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The Center provides its members an alert service which informs and updates state, city and other elections and voter registration officials regarding legislation, regulations, court decisions, and Justice Department rulings which affect the conduct of voter registration or elections administration. Additionally, the Center performs research for such governmental units concerning the similarities and differences in state or local laws, regulations, or practices concerning voter registration and elections administration.

As the election profession's premier organization for training and certification of election and voter registration administrators, the Center also conducts annual events such as national conferences and several regional workshops and seminars throughout each year which are designed specifically for government elections units.  Each of these programs is designed to improve the methods of operation and efficiency of the affected offices.  The result is improved service to voters, the public, the taxpayers and to government.  

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